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2004 4th Edition (Other Editions)

1.What are our service aspects?

Personal Risk Management

Business Risk Management

Saving and Investment Management

2.Required documents for applying death claims

  1. Completed Death Claim Application Form
  2. Original copy of life insurance policy (The Loss Declaration Form is needed in the case of losing it)
  3. Death Certificate
  4. The Identification of the beneficiary
  5. The HKID Card of the deceased

If the beneficiary is not in Hong Kong, representative should be empowered (with letter of authorization) to conduct the death claim and the original copy of the beneficiary's identification document must be provided.

3.How can the beneficiary conduct the death claim overseas?

Hong Kong has the most freedom in the world. Some people emigrated overseas; some people marry in the Mainland. When the Insured Person passes away, the beneficiary who is not in Hong Kong can empower the insurance agent (i.e. Your insurance consultant) to help conduct the claim. The procedures are as follows:

  1. The agent obtains the original copy of all the required documents from the beneficiary (including the Insured and beneficiary's HKID Card, Insured Person's death certificate and death claim application form) The beneficiary can also mail the documents to the agent, then get back after approval.
  2. The agent sends the cheque back to the beneficiary after the claiming procedures are completed.

4.How does the insurance company handle life insurance claims?

The insurance company should assure that the Insured Person has disclosed all the material facts when he/she applied for the life insurance policy. (A material fact is one that would influence the judgement of a prudent underwriter in deciding whether to insure a particular risk, or the terms on which to insure it) The insurance company should not expect the Insured to disclose the facts that he/she does not know. The Life Insurance Incontestability Clause states: except showing evidence that the Insured is in the event of fraud, otherwise the insurer must provide the life insurance compensation after the life insurance policy has been in force for 2 years (even if the Insured has not disclosed all the material facts).

5.Points to note when applying “Disability Income” Claim

The Insured can apply for disability income claim if he/she has lost working ability for 6 months or more. The procedures include:

  1. Employer certifies the job details of the Insured
  2. Doctor estimates the level of injury and certifies the nature of medical treatment; this is done to judge whether the Insured is to perform or engage in any gainful work, occupation or business for which he is reasonably qualified or fitted by knowledge training or experience.

6.Travel Insurance

When we travel or work overseas, we will buy travel insurance, the “Journey Cancellation and Interruption” includes the following coverage:

1.Journey Cancellation

1.1.Death, serious sickness or accident occurs to the Insured, immediate family member or travel companion
1.2.Being summoned to fulfill jury service
1.3.Outbreak of strike by the employees of a Common Carrier, epidemic, riot or civil commotion at the planned destination within one week before the departure
1.4.Serious damage caused by fire or flood to the Insured or his travel companion's residence

In the event of the above, reimbursement to irrecoverable travel agency charges or deposits will be granted.

2.Journey Interruption


Pays the forfeited expenses of the planned journey and additional traveling/accommodation expenses incurred if the Insured Person has to curtail the journey due to death, serious sickness or injury of himself, his immediate family member or traveling companion; sudden occurrence of strike by employees of the Common carrier, unanticipated riot or civil commotion, natural disasters, or epidemic at the scheduled trip location.

2.2.Journey Re-arrangement
Pays the extra expenses of accommodation and transportation if the Insured Person has to re-route the journey due to strike by employees of the Common carrier, unanticipated riot or civil commotion, inclement weather, natural disasters or epidemic at the planned destination.

3.Emergency Visit
Pays for additional accommodation and travel expenses for one Immediate Family member to fly over or one travel companion to stay behind in case of Insured Person’s death, serious injury or serious sickness.

4.Loss of Travel Documents
Pays for additional accommodation expenses as well as the cost of replacement for the lost travel documents arising from robbery, burglary or theft.


  1. The government restricts the departure
  2. The travel agent or transport providing company wind up
  3. The travel agent or transport providing company cancel the journey
  4. The event was already know when buying the travel insurance
  5. Can’t inform the travel agent, accommodation providing body or transport providing company the reasons mentioned in 1 above about journey cancellation immediately
  6. Didn’t report to the police in 24 hours when the travel documents were lost. Didn’t provide report from police when applying for the travel claim.