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2019 5th Edition (Other Editions)

Insurance at Work

Since most people are unfamiliar with the insurance claiming process, questions and doubts often come across peoples' minds. But before you start dwelling on these questions, let us tell you a real-life story of our client that happened one month ago.

Our client, together with his wife operates a boutique shop. However, the recent decline in Hong Kong’s economy and high rents has heavily impacted the couple’s business. Until a month ago, our client started feeling immense chest pain. Hence, we recommended him to undergo a heart examination.

Unfortunately, the result was not optimistic. Our client has to be admitted to a hospital for a Balloon Angioplasty surgery (PTCA) immediately that day. The medical fee for the surgery alone came out to be $400000. Additionally, he has been informed of contracting heart disease.

The medical cost along with the news of heart disease was a huge shock to our client. It was as if the concern of his business was not already enough, he felt like a heavyweight has been placed on his shoulders. It was a close call as he is still able to work after being discharged from the hospital. However, he cannot overwork himself at the expense of his health condition. Given the additional burden he now has to carry, our client began worrying about the potential income loss from his business.

Fortunately, our client has taken out both medical insurance and critical illness insurance, where his critical illness insurance worth of $1000000 can be claimed when all requirements of heart disease have been met.

Consequentially, the full amount of $1000000 was processed to the client shortly within only 2 weeks. As for the medical fee of $400000, while AIA provides a preapproval service that allows direct payment of claims in place of the client, our client was unable to make such a request due to his urgent admission to the hospital. Nevertheless, taking into account the financial difficulties and emotional burden of our client, we took the responsibility and went ahead to process the request anyway.

Not only were the claims processed so quickly, but he was able to feel a sense of relief, walking out of the hospital without having to pay a single cent. On top of that, he was grateful and touched by the effort and actions we took to help him lift his burdens during his most difficult moments.

To work with purpose is to help those in their times of need. One needs to realize an ideal career is not just about a paycheck or a salary, sometimes it is about the values and purpose we place in our jobs that create meaning in itself.