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2020 3rd Edition (Other Editions)

Public Medical System Under COVID-19

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, leading to a total of 9 million people being infected and nearly half a million deaths. Though the situation in Hong Kong is not as worse as in other countries, the local public medical system is still facing unprecedented pressure.

Global pandemic hit the local economy hard, especially on trade and tourism. In the next few years, government revenue from profit tax and land sale is forecast to decline drastically. The resources being allocated to the public medical system are no longer as abundant as before. In view of the continuing pandemic and tightened resources, the quality of public medical services is inevitably affected.

To save for the rainy day, it is advised to purchase medical and critical illness insurance with an adequate and comprehensive cover on medical expense and hospital fees. This can not only allow us and our beloved ones receive immediate yet appropriate medical treatment in case of sickness and accident, but also alleviate the financial pressure with the income protection provided by the insurance.