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Youth Support

DLC is a socially responsible corporation. We have been actively engaging in students career education over the past 20 years. On behalf of DLC, our managing partner David has participated in countless numbers of university mentorship programmes mainly hosted by HKUST, CHUK and HKU’s business and financial students’ units. He inspires and helps students to discover their career passion, encouraging them to pursue and realise their ambitions. We hope that with our expertise and experience in the field, we could give students a taste of the financial services industry and walk with them together as an inspiring mentor, guiding them to a bright future.

Furthermore, DLC is a partner corporation with HKUST RMBI (Risk Management and Business Intelligence). Every year, RMBI final year students have to complete a capstone project for graduation. As a partner corporation, we support them by providing guidance and consultation on their academic matters, facilitating and assisting their work throughout the year. By the end of the project, we expect students could utilise their academic knowledge and put them into practical solid works in businesses. And most importantly, benefiting the community by investigating into deep-rooted business problems.

Internship Programme

DLC also organises internship programmes for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the financial advising industry. Every year, DLC admits undergraduates to work as summer and part-time interns. Proper and comprehensive training courses are provided to equip students with relevant and solid work experience, professional skills and advanced industry knowledge etc. During the internship, we also provide professional career coaching for students to explore their true passion at work and help them to develop and execute a long-term career plan.