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2020 1st Edition (Other Editions)

Making consistently good investment decisions over time is not easy. Investing in a multi-asset fund may be an ideal option for you if you aim at generating sustainable income. Multi-asset funds typically invest across a number of different asset types, including equities, bonds, cash and, potentially, alternative investments such as property and infrastructure.

There are several benefits of investing in a multi-asset fund:

First, investing through mutual funds rather than direct investment helps reduce the risk of making wrong investment decisions as a fund manager will be in place to manage your investment.

Secondly, multi-asset fund limits the proportion of each asset class to avoid immense capital loss when the stock market plummets. When the price of an asset rise, they will sell it and purchase another one at a low price and maintain the allocation. This is what we call ‘Rebalancing’.

A financial advisor ensures to manage the fund management performance to ensure your financial goals are met.